Are you curious about the construction process required when using fully kiln dried whole logs but haven’t had the opportunity to visit a log home construction site?
  • View a 2 minute video that will walk you through the log home construction process from log stacking to completion.
Have you been searching for a log home and find you’re overwhelmed with the number of different log home manufacturers?
  • Initial searches will yield countless log home manufacturers with limitless choices.  Each log home manufacturer has the best logs and the best log stacking system, creating a confusing task when trying to make a final log home manufacturer decision.  I recommend you visit “the difference” and “the logs” pages.  Our goal is to help you understand the basic requirements for a quality log home.
Do you have a specific log size, log profile and log style in mind, but have found it difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for?
  • Building your dream log home starts with a distinct vision.  It is easier to create that exact look when you have numerous log styles, log profiles and log corners to choose from.  We have over 75 different possible log combinations ensuring we can create your desired look for your log home or log cabin.  View the “the logs” to learn about the different combinations of log styles, log corners and log profiles. 
Do you have concerns about rising energy costs and are searching for an energy efficient log home that is built using green guidelines?
  • We’ve always recognized the need to build log homes as energy efficient and environmentally conscientious as possible.  Log home energy savings can be directly related to two factors.  The factor with the most impact would be the quality of construction and materials in your log home or log cabin.  The second contributing factor is your heating and cooling system.  A brief overview of the possible choices can be found in “energy savings”.
Are you receiving mixed signals in regards to what a log home costs, and what factors determine cost?
  • Log home kits and log home turn key packages can range drastically in price between log home manufacturers.  There are many contributing factors that determine log home price.  Quality of materials, floor plan, individual taste, and total man hours directly impact the cost of a log home kit and a completed log home.  I tried to simplify some of the factors by classifying the floor plans according to general use and overall cost.
Do you feel a bit overwhelmed or even intimidated regarding log home insurance, log home financing, log home insurance, log home construction and log home decorating?
  • In any log home construction project there are countless questions to answer and decisions to make.  There is value in surrounding yourself with a good team of people that can help answer your questions and provide council.  Our log home services page features quality individuals and organizations that can help make every step of building your log home as enjoyable as it should be.
Are you concerned about the possible long term maintenance of a log home?  
  • A Strongwood log home comes with a standard limited lifetime warranty that ensures replacement of any Strongwood provided material.  By combining fully kiln dried logs with the highest quality materials; we are confident in the long term performance of a Strongwood log home. 
A Wisconsin log home manufacturer should provide the best in customer service, right?
  • We pride ourselves on our 100% commitment to each and every log home project.  With the largest log home dealership network in the country we are able to provide the care and service you deserve to build your log home in North America, Europe, and New Zealand.  We have an extensive list of completed log homes in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Tennessee.
Contact us to view a list of current or completed projects in your area, or visit one of our log home corporate offices in Waupaca, Wisconsin.